Our Minerals

Mineral Range

A complementary range of conventional and organic minerals available as both free access and in feed.

All Northumbrian Quality Feeds minerals are formulated to target specific needs and deficiencies found in stock throughout the year, while supporting the day to day requirements of the animals. Efficient growth, reproduction and welfare can be undermined by poor mineral and vitamin levels, often not supplied by forage.

As well as a comprehensive mineral range at Northumbrian Quality feeds, we are also able to offer full wet chemistry forage analysis, in order to tailor minerals to the specific challenges of individual farms and situations.

NQF Cattle GP

With high calcium for growing cattle this “go to” product supports a variety of situations and can be used to balance forages, straights, compounds, cereals and blends.

NQF Suckler

Formulated to face the challenges of high Magnesium and Phosphorous, Northumbrian Quality Feeds minerals use Magnesium Oxide, the most effective delivery form for Magnesium in the smallest particle size available, to deliver the quickest absorption available.

NQF Cattle Hi Mag

A Vital tool to help prevention of grass staggers, with high levels of quality, readily utilised and available Magnesium

NQF Intensive Beef

With high calcium levels to balance low levels found in intensive cereal diets, and no added Magnesium to help prevent against Urinary Calculi, this mineral is ideally suited to housed beef cattle and entire bulls.

NQF Cattle Hi-Phos

Vital for bone development and supporting reproductive health, Northumbrian Quality Feeds Hi-Phos mineral support cattle through some of their bodies most demanding periods.

NQF Sheep GP

Designed to be fed in a variety of situations, with good levels of magnesium and high vitamin content to support breeding ewes though the most demanding times

NQF Sheep Hi Mag

A Vital tool to use where there is a risk of staggers, with high levels of quality, readily utilised and available Magnesium.

NQF Sheep Energy Protein bucket

A source of highly available energy to help meet the most demanding times of the ewe’s production cycle

NQF Pre Lamber Bucket

Designed to aid the pregnant ewe at the most important pre lambing stage,offering high levels of energy, quality proteins, minerals and trace elements, especially vitamin E to aid in easy lambing & support lamb thrift.