Advice Page

Feeding Store Lambs


The Do’s and Don’ts

• Feed quality concertrates
• Feed cost effectively
• Only feed lambs ready to be fed
• Don’t feed lambs too far from finish
• Compliment roots with concentrates
• Ad LIB feed gradually (build up over 5-10 days

To feed Lambs to finish for more than six weeks is not cost effective.

Feed to finish with NQF

Ewe management before and during tupping


Planned Ewe Management at least 6 weeks before tupping
• Feet
• Body condition
• Trace element supplementation
• Grazing management
• Rising Plane of nutrition
• Feed supplementation where necessary
• Tup Management!!

Improve Conceptions with NQF

Creep Feeding Suckled Calves



• Improve Performance
• Supplement Milk
• Supplement reducing Grass – Quantity/quality
• Help overcome weaning stress
• Help overcome Housing stress
• Improve Fleshing & Bloom
• Improve returns

Improve margins with NQF